Wet & Soggy

Just a little follow up on my previous post to “The Best of Intentions”

I fully enjoyed my free time with the kids gone. About half way through them being gone, and I have to admit that I did feel slightly guilty about how much I was enjoying it! But I got over that.

Lets see, I got some weeding done. And that’s about it! You know what, I’m okay with it! I have accepted I don’t do well with tons of plans. It overwhelms me and I don’t do any of it. So I just wing it, what I feel like doing, I do. If it doesn’t get done, it will still be there tomorrow.

In Michigan, we’ve had a very wet cool summer so far. There have been some short streaks of warm days, but nothing like it typically is. I think the weather man on the local news said we haven’t had a single day in the 90’s this year yet, and that is extremely uncommon. My garden has suffered from these circumstances greatly! Our homestead is off the road a ways, but low. We have a creek running across the back of our property and have a ton of crayfish that have holes all around the property. I can walk through the paths and hear them scramble back into their holes into water, and that typically is not the case. They usually dry out a lot. It’s been so wet that one end of my garden has remained wet all season. We have dark clay-like soil that holds the water remarkably well and no water has been required.

I’m not sure how people that live in these types of climates typically handle these issues? Like I said, my garden isn’t happy about it. My peas and beans are all short and not producing much, the cherry and grape tomatoes have some on the plants but I’ve only gotten 2 off them so far. The bigger tomato plants have scattered green ones but nothing like the numbers they should. It’s a bit frustrating to see all the hard work that went into prepping, planting, and maintaining to seem to be in vain. Any tips or suggestions would be welcome! My sad garden and I would appreciate it!


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